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Chiropractic Care Myths

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Chiropractic Care Myths

Many people forego the idea of getting chiropractic treatment because of common myths they may have heard about it. Read on for details about the truth regarding chiropractic care. When you better understand the realities of chiropractic care you can rest easier in obtaining the relief from pain and discomfort you deserve.

One of the most common myths about chiropractors is that they only treat back problems. While chiropractors due commonly treat back pain, the truth of the matter is that they treat many other problems as well. Chiropractors can also help to maintain your health by improving your body’s ability to be healthy. By removing interferences to the nervous system, all of the body’s cells, tissues and organs have improved function. Chiropractors accomplish this by performing adjustments to free the spine of any misalignments that might interfere with the normal function of the body’s organs and cells. In addition to pain in the back, misalignment has also been associated with such problems as headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome and many other conditions.

Many people also commonly believe that chiropractic adjustments hurt. Generally, this is not true. Many patients actually enjoy having an adjustment. While an adjustment is commonly accompanied by a cracking sound, this is only a drop in pressure in the joint when the vertebra is put back in place. This does not indicate bones cracking or anything painful. In some cases there may be a slight amount of discomfort for a day or so following the adjustment; however, this is quite minimal. Furthermore, if you are already experiencing pain due to a misalignment, the adjustment will bring about a release of pain.

Another common misbelieve about chiropractic care is the safety of the procedures. The truth is that chiropractic care is quite safe, particularly in comparison to other alternatives such as drug therapy or even surgery. Estimates indicate that more than one million adjustments are performed each year with only very rare adverse reaction. In addition, unlike many other medical fields, there is a very low malpractice insurance premium in the chiropractic field. This would certainly seem to indicate a very low malpractice rate in this particular field.
If you have heard that chiropractors are not as well educated as other medical doctors, this is also completely false. Doctors of Chiropractic are just as well educated as any other doctors. They must attend a minimum of seven years of study and attain a medical degree in order to practice. Chiropractors must also pass a national board exam before they can legally practice. In addition, chiropractors must stay current on the latest techniques and research and complete continuing education requirements.

Other common myths regarding chiropractic care involve the expense. Contrary to reality, many people may believe that chiropractic care is expensive. In truth, chiropractic care is really no more expensive than any other type of medical care. In fact, some studies have concluded that regular chiropractic care could actually reduce the financial impact of other medical care due to the ability of chiropractic care to improve the body’s health.

Finally, there is a common myth that if you go to a chiropractor once you will have to go for the rest of your life. Periodic follow-up treatments for chiropractic care are really no different than returning to your dentist every few months.
Chiropractic care is a great way to obtain relief from a variety of different pains without the risk of surgery or prescription medication. Even if you are not currently experiencing pain, chiropractic care can also help to make sure your body works in optimal efficiency.